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Race For Life: Update

As I briefly mentioned in my “Ins and Outs” post I am part of The Race For Life Get Social Team –  spreading the word about The Race For Life via blogs, Twitter and Facebook.

As is evident, my blog has been lacking somewhat recently and I feel I should step up to my teamly duties and get blogging!

Training is….HARD! I don’t yet have a runners body and I’m trying to “train” it, but it’s definitely one of the hardest challenges I have ever undertaken. More training is needed but I’ve increased from 10 mins of solid running to (a slow) 30 mins of solid running so I am improving.

I have also jumped on the 30 day shred band wagon. I started last week and I’m still on level one (I like to follow the “more difficult” person though to make myself feel a bit more advanced!) but WOW can you feel the results. I feel toned and fit and hopefully my newly discovered muscles – “Thighs, sorry for the pain I put you in!” – will give me some core body strength and fitness that will make my running improve even quicker.

Dietwise, all is good and I have definitely lost weight. How much, nobody knows, as scales bought for about €3 at the local Flee Market type shop aren’t that accurate, but my clothes feel looser and I feel fitter and healthier. If you have ever read Elle Fowler’s blog (http://ellefowler.com) , or seen her YouTube videos (search for allthatglitters21) you will see that she has a vice. A vice which I share. DIET COKE. I just love the liquid….brown. What a horrible description! But I do. I am weaning myself off it but it’s definitely the one thing I crave and really want when I can’t have it!

There are still nearly 3 months until race day (11th July) so I have plenty of time to really get prepared but I am already feeling a little nervous. I don’t want to merely complete the race, I want to challenge myself and get a good time which I can be proud of. Thankfully, the lovely Jayne the “Leader” of the Get Social Team has sent me some Race For Life goodies, which I shall share with you all once I get back to England and unwrap them. What’s more inspiring than freebies?!

Are any of you training for a Race For Life event? Do you have any training tips? I’d LOVE to know them!

Love Helen


I’m a VAV…

That’s right – a Volcanic Ash Victim. How very sad.

Unfortunately, the pesky volcanic dust messed up my plans in quite a big way. I was meant to be flying home to England on the 15th for my lovely boyfriend’s 21st birthday BUT my flight was cancelled and instead, I sadly trudged the 10 hour journey back home (Barcelona – Pamplona. Eeek) and somehow managed to become super busy.

So APOLOGIES, my blogging has been rather lax these last few weeks, but I’m determined to keep it up from now on. Inspired by the lovely Gemma at http://www.gemsmaquillage.com I have decided to do a weekly “In’s and Out’s” post. So, as a quick update on my life, here are my ins and outs…


1) Packing. I am returning to England on Monday 3rd May! I can’t wait to be back home and see all my friends and family and eat CURRY (something you miss greatly after being a student living by the curry mile in Manchester for 2 years!!)…maybe thats counts as another in?

2) Fiestaaaas 🙂 All the goodbyes after a year long study abroad bring with them some amazing parties where memories shall be made!

3) Race For Life Get Social. I am part of the Race For Life Get Social Team and I should be having a little blurb about me posted on Community section of the website sometime this week, so keep your eyes peeled!

4) Duty Free on a mini cruise! My journey back to England shall be by ferry. Fed up of all this VAV business, I decided to take to the seas. I haven’t had chance to actually visit the airport duty free in all of my trips to the airport during the last month but 24 hours on a ferry should give me chance to have a good browse and a bit of a splurge! Also, there is a POOL on the boat. Very excited for that!

5) Student Loan. I am rich, and may have positive figures in my bank account YAY. Definitely time for a Spanish clothes shop (Sfera, Zara, Bershka etc.) and also some new skincare/makeup on the ferry!


1) Internationality. How crazy that I was sat round the other night with about 10 Americans, 1 Irish, 1 Iraqi, 1 Czech, 1 French, 2 Australians, 1 Tawainese, 1 Brazillian, 1 Icelandic (no hostilities re: my VAV status!) and 4 Germans!! My friends span the entire world, and I am going to miss them!

2) Technically this is an IN but…the sun is OUT!! And I am excited! Time for the summer dresses.

Out’s are so hard to think of…that’s all I have!!
Blogging shall be kept regular from now on!!



P.S.  For all those who are curious

Eyjafjallajökull = EYE – a – fyat – la – jo – kutl

Coralicious, Rimmel Lip Haul and some Philosophy Lip Gelato!

Last week I promised I was going to buy my summer foundation – straight after I saw a flaw to my plan. This week I am heading to the alps for a bit of aprés ski (and lots of skiing of course!) As a freckly faced blonde, the minute the sun reflects off the snow into my face I am going to bloom and become an enitrely different colour…SO I am going to wait for duty free on my return and (hopefully) come back with another mini haul…

In the meantime have a gander at the recent nail colour I pciked up: Rimmel 60 Seconds in Coralicious

I LOVE it, it is almost kind of neon, which would generally make me shudder being a neutral toned girl, but this just makes me feel summery! It went on smoothly, stayed chip free for a week and I only needed one coat. Lovely. I will most certainly be rocking this on the slopes to give me a summery cheer when I look down at my hands!

Next up? A little mini haul of Rimmel Lipsticks. The colours are (from left to right) Moisture Renew Lipstick in Soft Coral, Lasting Finish Lipstick in Birthday Suit and in Pink Blush.

And here are some swatches…

With Flash (Top: Soft Coral, Middle: Birthday Suit, Bottom: Pink Flush)

No flash!

So what do I think of these lipsticks? They are ok. That is all. I think that the colours are lovely and nicely pigmented BUT the “Lasting Finish Lipsticks” last as long as any other lipstick I know and are quite drying. Dryness surely isn’t a problem with “Moisture Renew” lipstick? Well yes, it is too! However for £5.99 for the Moisture Renew and £4.49 for the Lasting Finish, I didn’t expect amazing staying power and super nourishing formulas…The colours are fab for the price and they are fun bright lipsticks that I shall be wearing in the summer!

Now it’s time for my favourite: Philosophy. Philsophy is a brand that I don’t see talked about a great deal on the blogging community or on YouTube videos, but it is one of my absolute FAVES! Baby Grace Perfume (G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S) is my absolute fave scent of all time, but that shall be saved for another post. For now, with summer approaching it’s time to talk about…. (tension)…. LIP GELATOS!

So, here is the blurb from the Philosophy website:

“Treat yourself or a friend to the delightfully-scented, refreshingly-flavored Philosophy Lip Gelato Trio. These Lip Gelatos provide immediate hydrating benefits, while encouraging a lip-plumping effect by using atelocollagen, a naturally derived ingredient from the sea. They’re lightweight, non-sticky and provide a natural, transparent shine that promotes fuller, more voluptuous looking lips.”

I think the packaging is absolutely gorgeous and really cute like ALL Philosophy products. The colours are quite sheer, but in a very ncie way, they leave my lips feeling smoother and are not sticky at all – they almost feel watery, very hard to explain! They do make my lips look slightly bigger, but I think that is due more to the shine than the “lip plumping ingredient” atelocollagen. However, unlike other lip plumping products on the market (…ahem, Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker) they don’t make your lips tingle or sting, so whatever IS making them look bigger, it works without pain!

Swatches for you here:

Top: Soul Mates (Grapefruit), Middle: Begin Again (Tangerine), Bottom: Gratitude (Pomegranate)

They smell deliciously fruity and the scents do match the names. My personal favourite is Soul Mates as the Grapefruit smell is divine and the nude, barely there colour suits me perfectly! I would definitely recommend this product. The glosses are silky smooth and smell amazing and for a non sticky gloss have amazing lasting power!

Pucker up! And, leave me a comment below on your experiences with any of the products!

I shall be back in a week after my skiing, with my Duty Free Haul, so keep reading!

Love Helen


Here comes the summer sun.

My “beauty” blog has somehow gone off into the direction of exercise and diet so it is time to get back on track and do some hauls, review some products and talk about BEAUTY!

As the summer time is here my pale skin (burns) and then goes very freckly all over my face. I like my freckles but they make it very difficult to buy a summer foundation. What colour should you go for; the colour of your facial skin or the colour of your freckles?? It’s a dilemma I’ve never really known the answer too. Here’s hoping I will find out.

So, with my mission defined, I will be heading to “El Corte Ingles” (kind of like the Spanish version of Selfridges) to raid the beauty department. Sephora, Nars, Bobbi Brown, Chanel, Estee Lauder – I will be visiting them all and (hopefully) finding the perfect summer foundation.

I’ll be taking some pictures and swatches and reviewing what I see, so make sure you check back!

Love Helen


Step 2: The bit where I actually run.

The “diet” is going strong, but Grapefruits and Activia alone will not help me run 10K. This is how I am going to train. (Eurgh – isn’t it hard!)

The plan is (plan being the operative word) to try and run 3 or 4 times a week with only the sweet sound of my Ipod to keep me company, and slowly build my distance up to 10K. At the moment, I can barely run for the bus without a severe lack of oxygen stopping me in my tracks, so this is much easier said than done. So, with 16(ish) weeks until the big day how am I going to spread my time? Let me show you…

  • Week 1 (i.e. now) and 2: 1 mile
  • Week 3 and 4: 2 miles
  • Week 5 and 6: 3 miles
  • Week 7 and 8: 4 miles
  • Week 9 and 10: 5 miles
  • Week 11 and 12: 6 miles
  • Week 13 and 14: 6 miles (working on my speed 😉 haha)
  • Week 15: 7 miles
  • Week 16: 10K runs to prepare for the….10K run.

I really hope my plan is achievable, and I am quite optimistic that it will be. Up until 3 years ago I was fit as a fiddle (as they say); Flat Stomach: Done. Toned limbs: Done. Body Fat: Minimal. Fitness levels: VERY high. You get the picture. But sadly I grew a penchant for Toffee crisps and a dislike for exercise and everything headed…..outwards (?) Hopefully though some dedicated running and amazing results (very hopeful) will reverse my fortunes and leave me wanting more!!

Anyway, thats the down low on my schedule and I shall try to update you on progress each week, scattered between my other posts on the funner things in life i.e. makeup!

Keep checking back!



Step 1: Diet

Eurgh. Watching what you eat. I.HATE.IT but I have to do it if I want to look trim and glowing for summer. There will be no Fad diet with me, no Atkins or Maple Syrup kind of thing, just a sensible balanced diet.

Goodbye chocolate and crisps (chips for any Americans), actual chips and also Coke, I’ll see you at the weekends. Yep, that’s right all my vices are confined to the weekend when I can relax and indulge a little – just in moderation. I think if you deprive yourself of something you just end up wanting it even more, so I am allowed my little treats.

During the week though, things are serious. Now, I’m not an amazing cook and I’m a student so this is a diet on a (very) limited budget but it works for me and rewards are already being seen….

Breakfast: Grapefruit and Muesli flavoured Activia Yoghurt.

I have heard so much about the benefits of grapefruit and it tastes so nice and refreshing in the morning. PLUS grapefruits are super cheap over in Spain, so why not!? The yoghurt helps my digestion a bit and tastes soooo nice. It’s quite a light breakfast but it sets me up for the day!

Lunch: Tuna Salad

Kind of boring to eat the same thing everyday? – Yes. But, I really like Tuna salad. I like to swap in a poached egg sometimes too and drizzle with Balsamic vinegar. It tastes delicious and leaves me feeling full. Plus, the fact that I use the same ingerdients means I waste nothing, which saves money. Very handy on my measly student loan…

Dinner: Whatever I want….kind of.

Here is where we see some variety. I like to make stirfrys, spaghetti blognaise, healthy roast dinners, fish, mashed potatoes, vegetables….EVERYTHING! My only rule for dinner is that I have protein, carbs and vegetables every night. I’m also trying to eat dinner earlier – at maybe 7pm – as the Spaniards eat sooo late (1o/11pm!!!) and I don’t like sleeping straight after eating.

So there it is, my “Diet” in all its glory. Plus I am doing the usual things of drinking lots of water each day. Its simple and gets me into a great routine. I feel fresher and more energized, its great!! What kind of things do you like to eat? Does anyone have a specific “Diet plan” they follow when training? I would love to know!

Love Helen