You’re my inspiration.

When I was little I was the biggest tomboy. I played with my brother and his friends, roaming through the woods and playing football. My hair would be a little birds nest of white blonde hair and my freckly face, covered in additional specks of dirt.

Never did I ever (nor did my parents I don’t think) imagine that makeup would become my biggest love…but it sure did!

So who inspired me?  Who got me hooked on the shadows and shimmers, the fluids and fixes, mascaras and MAC? Let me tell you.

  1. Firstly, my friends. They loved make up before me and FORCED me to wear some. Thanks guys! Some Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse, Rimmel Bronzer and Body Shop Mascara and I was set.
  2. Myself. Is that too self loving? I just loved playing with it, messing around and experimenting with colours and products and making some HUGE messes but also some wonderful successes. As my products grew, so did my skill and my passion for make up.
  3. Youtube! How amazing are the makeup gurus?! It’s like an online forum of beauty tips and reviews from around their world, without them we would have to research forever to find all the exciting and innovative international brands. The looks they create are amazing, and there is so much to see! You guys are amazing, and hopefully you are here reading my blog now – hence the title of this blog post.

So read away. The blog will be full of all the kind of stuff you see on Youtube. What’s in my bag? Make-up routines, makeup looks, reviews, hair ideas, skincare routines, exercise ideas. favourite products etc. etc. And I hope to blog 2 or 3 times per week because I can never wait long enough to get the new tips and tricks from the Youtube Gurus, so hopefully if you like this, you won’t have to wait!

Also, I have said how there are LOADS of make-up gurus on Youtube right? Well, I have found the majority are American. I am English, and I’m currently living in Spain so I shall try and review some interesting products which may not reach the other side of the pond!

I hope you keep reading and enjoy the blog.



p.s. Give me your ideas for my first blog post, I want to blog something which YOU want, so give me your ideas and I’ll do the most requested! (…hopefully I will get some requests!!)


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