Little voice, amazing makeup.

So, this is my last post of the night, just to get you started and see the kind of things I like.

Diana Vickers was in X Factor in the UK in 2008. She may not quite be Leona Lewis, but I love her voice and also her look. If I love her voice then why is this post titled “Little voice, amazing makeup”? Well, she became the youngest person to star as the leading role in Jim Cartwright’s “The Rise and Fall of Little Voice” on the West End.

Her single is due for release and I think it sounds fab. Take a look at her website and watch the vlogs to hear her single and a taster of her West End production:

BUT the reason this is on my blog is because I LOVE the hair and makeup that featured in the artwork for her new album is incredible. She has a great, unique sense of style anyway but I think the make up team did an amazing look. What do you think?

How about I recreate the look where Diana has pink eyeshadow and some gorgeous brown eyeliner? I think it is one of the first looks and it is my fave!

Let me know if you love it or hate it!




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