Anybody out there?

So I started this blog a while back and put up a few “introductory” posts for people to read, hoping that I may get some feedback on what to write in my future blogs… how silly I was!

Of COURSE there will be no feedback, I have no readers – 10 hits in a month is a pretty small audience! – so what do I do to get people to stop on my blog, and not skip over it amongst the millions of other blogs on the internet?

Answer: I really don’t know….hmmm.

I really want people to read, contribute to, and enjoy what I write but are you meant to publicise a blog? So many questions I don’t have the answers to. My solution is that I’m going to try and link this blog on comments I make on other beauty blogs/youtube channels etc. and hope that maybe a few people (anything more than 10!) will head over and take a look.

Fingers crossed that maybe I will get one comment!! Haha



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