My Big Fat Race For Life.

“Make Me Lovely” is the name of this blog, and it is exactly what my most recent challenge aims to do. Cryptic? A little. So I shall explain…

I am running The 10K Race For Life to help beat breast Cancer. I keep trying to write what The Race For Life is and why I want to run in it and take part in an amazing event, but my words don’t do it as much justice as the video on the Race For Life homepage here.

Doesn’t it look amazing? I’ve set myself this challenge for 3 reasons:

1) My mum was recently diagnosed with Breast Cancer and whilst she is ABSOLUTELY FINE now, it really hit home and made me want to raise money for a chairty which  helps so many women and families in the same position.

2) Did you know that regular exercise can help reduce the risk of breast cancer? Well apparently so! And with my own rather large pair of boobs, I want to make that risk as reduced as possible. Training 4 times a week will be fun…….eek.

3) I desperately need to lose some weight. I have let it creep on and on in the past 4 years and I’m now classified as “Overweight”. I hate it. The Race For Life gives me something to focus on and inspire me to train and eat healthily. I now have willpower…how amazing is that!

So, from now on expect to see some blog posts about my training, my diet, my progress and (hopefully) my successes. It’s just another great thing for me to talk about.

Hope you enjoy my new little challenge. Are you up for your own challenge? Tell me about it in the comments! And if you want to get behind this amazing cause you can donate to Cancer Research UK online or you can Sponsor me – it all goes to the same place 🙂

Love Helen



One response to “My Big Fat Race For Life.

  1. Hi!
    I would defenitely run with you, if we wouldn’t live that far away from each other. I have my own personal reason too. But actually it’s not about breast cancer. My dad has cancer for almost 4 years now, and we can’t really do anything just waiting. So I would really do that, but I can’t! I think it’s amazing that you do it! I wish you all the best for the race, and for your diet! 😀

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