Step 1: Diet

Eurgh. Watching what you eat. I.HATE.IT but I have to do it if I want to look trim and glowing for summer. There will be no Fad diet with me, no Atkins or Maple Syrup kind of thing, just a sensible balanced diet.

Goodbye chocolate and crisps (chips for any Americans), actual chips and also Coke, I’ll see you at the weekends. Yep, that’s right all my vices are confined to the weekend when I can relax and indulge a little – just in moderation. I think if you deprive yourself of something you just end up wanting it even more, so I am allowed my little treats.

During the week though, things are serious. Now, I’m not an amazing cook and I’m a student so this is a diet on a (very) limited budget but it works for me and rewards are already being seen….

Breakfast: Grapefruit and Muesli flavoured Activia Yoghurt.

I have heard so much about the benefits of grapefruit and it tastes so nice and refreshing in the morning. PLUS grapefruits are super cheap over in Spain, so why not!? The yoghurt helps my digestion a bit and tastes soooo nice. It’s quite a light breakfast but it sets me up for the day!

Lunch: Tuna Salad

Kind of boring to eat the same thing everyday? – Yes. But, I really like Tuna salad. I like to swap in a poached egg sometimes too and drizzle with Balsamic vinegar. It tastes delicious and leaves me feeling full. Plus, the fact that I use the same ingerdients means I waste nothing, which saves money. Very handy on my measly student loan…

Dinner: Whatever I want….kind of.

Here is where we see some variety. I like to make stirfrys, spaghetti blognaise, healthy roast dinners, fish, mashed potatoes, vegetables….EVERYTHING! My only rule for dinner is that I have protein, carbs and vegetables every night. I’m also trying to eat dinner earlier – at maybe 7pm – as the Spaniards eat sooo late (1o/11pm!!!) and I don’t like sleeping straight after eating.

So there it is, my “Diet” in all its glory. Plus I am doing the usual things of drinking lots of water each day. Its simple and gets me into a great routine. I feel fresher and more energized, its great!! What kind of things do you like to eat? Does anyone have a specific “Diet plan” they follow when training? I would love to know!

Love Helen



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