Step 2: The bit where I actually run.

The “diet” is going strong, but Grapefruits and Activia alone will not help me run 10K. This is how I am going to train. (Eurgh – isn’t it hard!)

The plan is (plan being the operative word) to try and run 3 or 4 times a week with only the sweet sound of my Ipod to keep me company, and slowly build my distance up to 10K. At the moment, I can barely run for the bus without a severe lack of oxygen stopping me in my tracks, so this is much easier said than done. So, with 16(ish) weeks until the big day how am I going to spread my time? Let me show you…

  • Week 1 (i.e. now) and 2: 1 mile
  • Week 3 and 4: 2 miles
  • Week 5 and 6: 3 miles
  • Week 7 and 8: 4 miles
  • Week 9 and 10: 5 miles
  • Week 11 and 12: 6 miles
  • Week 13 and 14: 6 miles (working on my speed 😉 haha)
  • Week 15: 7 miles
  • Week 16: 10K runs to prepare for the….10K run.

I really hope my plan is achievable, and I am quite optimistic that it will be. Up until 3 years ago I was fit as a fiddle (as they say); Flat Stomach: Done. Toned limbs: Done. Body Fat: Minimal. Fitness levels: VERY high. You get the picture. But sadly I grew a penchant for Toffee crisps and a dislike for exercise and everything headed…..outwards (?) Hopefully though some dedicated running and amazing results (very hopeful) will reverse my fortunes and leave me wanting more!!

Anyway, thats the down low on my schedule and I shall try to update you on progress each week, scattered between my other posts on the funner things in life i.e. makeup!

Keep checking back!




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