I’m a VAV…

That’s right – a Volcanic Ash Victim. How very sad.

Unfortunately, the pesky volcanic dust messed up my plans in quite a big way. I was meant to be flying home to England on the 15th for my lovely boyfriend’s 21st birthday BUT my flight was cancelled and instead, I sadly trudged the 10 hour journey back home (Barcelona – Pamplona. Eeek) and somehow managed to become super busy.

So APOLOGIES, my blogging has been rather lax these last few weeks, but I’m determined to keep it up from now on. Inspired by the lovely Gemma at http://www.gemsmaquillage.com I have decided to do a weekly “In’s and Out’s” post. So, as a quick update on my life, here are my ins and outs…


1) Packing. I am returning to England on Monday 3rd May! I can’t wait to be back home and see all my friends and family and eat CURRY (something you miss greatly after being a student living by the curry mile in Manchester for 2 years!!)…maybe thats counts as another in?

2) Fiestaaaas 🙂 All the goodbyes after a year long study abroad bring with them some amazing parties where memories shall be made!

3) Race For Life Get Social. I am part of the Race For Life Get Social Team and I should be having a little blurb about me posted on Community section of the website sometime this week, so keep your eyes peeled!

4) Duty Free on a mini cruise! My journey back to England shall be by ferry. Fed up of all this VAV business, I decided to take to the seas. I haven’t had chance to actually visit the airport duty free in all of my trips to the airport during the last month but 24 hours on a ferry should give me chance to have a good browse and a bit of a splurge! Also, there is a POOL on the boat. Very excited for that!

5) Student Loan. I am rich, and may have positive figures in my bank account YAY. Definitely time for a Spanish clothes shop (Sfera, Zara, Bershka etc.) and also some new skincare/makeup on the ferry!


1) Internationality. How crazy that I was sat round the other night with about 10 Americans, 1 Irish, 1 Iraqi, 1 Czech, 1 French, 2 Australians, 1 Tawainese, 1 Brazillian, 1 Icelandic (no hostilities re: my VAV status!) and 4 Germans!! My friends span the entire world, and I am going to miss them!

2) Technically this is an IN but…the sun is OUT!! And I am excited! Time for the summer dresses.

Out’s are so hard to think of…that’s all I have!!
Blogging shall be kept regular from now on!!



P.S.  For all those who are curious

Eyjafjallajökull = EYE – a – fyat – la – jo – kutl


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