Race For Life: Update

As I briefly mentioned in my “Ins and Outs” post I am part of The Race For Life Get Social Team –Ā  spreading the word about The Race For Life via blogs, Twitter and Facebook.

As is evident, my blog has been lacking somewhat recently and I feel I should step up to my teamly duties and get blogging!

Training is….HARD! I don’t yet have a runners body and I’m trying to “train” it, but it’s definitely one of the hardest challenges I have ever undertaken. More training is needed but I’ve increased from 10 mins of solid running to (a slow) 30 mins of solid running so I am improving.

I have also jumped on the 30 day shred band wagon. I started last week and I’m still on level one (I like to follow the “more difficult” person though to make myself feel a bit more advanced!) but WOW can you feel the results. I feel toned and fit and hopefully my newly discovered muscles – “Thighs, sorry for the pain I put you in!” – will give me some core body strength and fitness that will make my running improve even quicker.

Dietwise, all is good and I have definitely lost weight. How much, nobody knows, as scales bought for about ā‚¬3 at the local Flee Market type shop aren’t that accurate, but my clothes feel looser and I feel fitter and healthier. If you have ever read Elle Fowler’s blog (http://ellefowler.com) , or seen her YouTube videos (search for allthatglitters21) you will see that she has a vice. A vice which I share. DIET COKE. I just love the liquid….brown. What a horrible description! But I do. I am weaning myself off it but it’s definitely the one thing I crave and really want when I can’t have it!

There are still nearly 3 months until race day (11th July) so I have plenty of time to really get prepared but I am already feeling a little nervous. I don’t want to merely complete the race, I want to challenge myself and get a good time which I can be proud of. Thankfully, the lovely Jayne the “Leader” of the Get Social Team has sent me some Race For Life goodies, which I shall share with you all once I get back to England and unwrap them. What’s more inspiring than freebies?!

Are any of you training for a Race For Life event? Do you have any training tips? I’d LOVE to know them!

Love Helen



One response to “Race For Life: Update

  1. kayla christine

    Hi! I love your blog, it seems we have a lot in common. I am also 21, and am training for a 10k that i will run in july šŸ™‚ I to used to be super fit, and a workout-a-holic but stopped for a while. So i am now training as well and boy is the running thing, withoug loosing your breath, hard! I know exactly what you mean haha. Well good luck with your race and i look forward to reading more. šŸ™‚

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