All about me.

Who am I? How old am I? What do I do? Why this blog?

So many questions, so many answers. Where to start…

I am 21 years old and live in England. I’m currently at University, studying for a career in marketing and PR and living on a measly student loan.

I LOVE makeup and skincare and beauty. They are like a fusion of all the different worlds come together: creativity and art, history, science and technology…it just misses out language and English. Luckily, I LOVE that too. Combine the two, my two passions, and that pretty much explains why my blog is about what it is.

I hope to innovate, inform and inspire and show you, the true beauty of make up and how you can make your beauty so much more than just skin deep.

Enjoy, comment and follow.



2 responses to “All about me.

  1. Hi Helen,
    Best wishes on your course and good luck with your goals and aspirations! 🙂

    I stumbled onto your blog via lollipop26’s blog and i’m really pleased with what I see – I shall definitely bookmark your page and check back every now and then to see what you’ve written.

    It’s always nice to find a “beauty guru” from England on here (i live just outside of London myself) as it helps me to find out about amazing new brands and product recommendations that I may not otherwise know about.

    Keep up the great work and again, best wishes to you for the future!


  2. Hi Helen!
    I found your link via allthatglitters21’s blog. Your blog is so adorable! I know the lack of hits feeling too from my blog. Do you have a twitter?


    Glam Girl

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